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Zanempilo - healing is the window to paradise.

"The soul is the origin oft he heart."
* anonymous

In the Xhosa (a Southern African tribe) language "Zanempilo" means "he who brings health ". Zanempilo is my given name as a traditional healer.

My work as a spiritual healer is conducted either on the phone/skype or in a more conventional face to face consultation. I accompany you on your journey and through your process to becoming whole again, healed. I facilitate the reconnection of the misguided parts of your soul with your heart, spirit and body. Personal energy fields are "visible" to me because part of your soul is present with me and held within the field of energy that I expand to include yourself, your soul and myself. Hence I can conduct our consultation per telephone/skype without the need for you to leave the comfort of your own home or some other space in which you feel secure. Also, my gifts of clair-voyance and my ability to perceive your senses/emotions are not affected by distance, so it is a point of personal preference which type/level of consultation suits you best. Each session/consultation gives you a personal healing experience bringing you one step closer to wholeness and thus another step closer to the whole you. Each healing journey is unique.

Basically, what I inspire you to see and understand is what a wonderful person you are.

I have studied healing in many cultures, Asian, European, African and American. My guides have been healers from all over the world and various other realms. Ultimately, it is all about the "vision" that I have of you, the "seeing and recognizing of the reasons behind what appears to be your problem/illness", and the "feeling" from the perspective of your soul. Everything that may happen within a consultation can only happen with your permission. Nothing is only talked about! I will show you how you can feel it for yourself, so that you can be sure of it and own it. What you will experience, amongst other things, is a warm-hearted and fulfilling re-connection with your higher consciousness - our higher self - which I like to call the beyond-self because love does not stop at the boundary of the individual self.

Living with the South African traditional healers and becoming one of them, taught me a deep devotion and humbleness towards the Earth and all that comes from her. When I was ready to embark on to the path of freeing myself from my illnesses, Africa bestowed upon me the awareness of my health and my gifts. The traditional healer through whom I was initiated was Professor Phillip Kubukeli.

All sorts of painful experiences can influence the human life very deeply, sometimes even with malicious, negative or harmful intent, for example as a child or when living in a relationship.

Therefore, I would like to share with you some of the methods that I use to overcome those illness-creating impacts on yourself. Every human being is individual and different, and so is her or his way of healing. There is already progress when you let go of blocking thoughts, images or patterns, many of which govern the way you still think you have to live. This I call re-leasing. It is a powerful technique and often you feel immediately relieved.

My clear-feeling ability is also directly connected with the physical seeing and feeling. Hence, while in a consultation with me, you will find yourself to be in a completely harmonious, intact, healthy and loving environment/energy field in which the healing process begins - because I can accept you exactly the way you are, and teach you how to do that with yourself aswell. The length of your healing journey is dependent to a large degree on how quickly you are willing and able to move through the blockages. I cannot guarantee that your expectations meet with the result of the healing process, and therefore I charge, as a facilitator, for time and not for “healing”.

More and more, you will become the person who you truly are. We will determine and explore together the path or part of which that you want me to guide you towards recognition of the ALL there is. If you allow the path to be long enough, ie beyond physical or mental "health", then I will show you why things happened the way they did in your life, and what your next steps can be to fulfil the desires of your soul.

This part of the healing is the deepest and it happens through cognition.

Another important method of mine is the energetic transformation of your fears, illnesses and dysfunctions of significant areas of your life such as partnership, health, wealth, love and family. Fears are real energy and therefore real disruptions, hence they do not concern your future, but your “now-time”. I help you access your inner resources and experience a feeling of liberation and relaxation, irrespective of your age or your present state of being.

"Learn to let go, this is the key to happiness."
* Gautama (Buddha)

And yes! Letting go brings you to the core of my teaching: The experience of the transpersonal within yourself will set you free and lead you to equilibrium, health, joy of life and sympathy with other beings.

Please feel very welcome to contact me through the website, via email, or per telephone, skype, xing or facebook.

Stefan Tippach

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